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Hearing Impaired Resource Base

Hearing Impaired Resource Base (HIRB)

We are privileged to host Cardiff County’s specialist Hearing Impaired Resource Base (HIRB). The children within the base are educated both alongside their peers in the mainstream of the school and also receive teaching from our specialist teachers.  Admission to the HIRB is strictly controlled by the Chief Education Officer. 


Our HIRB provides specialist teaching for up to 16 children from across Cardiff.  These children often require British Sign Language or Sign Supported English to allow them to access their learning. This means that the children will need a teaching assistant to support them in their classrooms.  In addition, we have a special amplifier in the school hall which helps the children with aides to hear.


We are extremely proud of the progress that these children make whilst in our HIRB.  In addition, we feel that the mainstream children benefit from learning signing skills and other forms of communication to help the deaf children.


Due to many of the children travelling long distances to school, a taxi is provided by the Local Authority. These taxis use the disabled parking bays at the beginning and end of each day – so please ensure that you do not use these bays at any time.