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Mr Bouse

26/3/20 Google Classrooms

Hello there.  We hope that you are all safe and well. 

We just wanted to remind you that this week and next week is the Easter holidays for Coed Glas.  You are not expected to do 'school work' during this time but it is a good chance to get used to Google Classrooms in preparation for next term- it has been lovely having chats with some of you...and to see 'PE with Joe Wicks' building up his followers.

We have put a few small tasks/challenges for you on Google Classrooms to complete should you feel like it.

The main thing is you keep yourselves healthy and safe with your family.

Take care.

Year 6 team.

13/3/20 Creative Homework

This week's task is to research one of the human organs. Think about questions you would like answered about the organ and try to present your answers in your own words.  How you present your work is up to you-written, illustrated, slide show...maybe even edible/3D? It is your choice. We look forward to seeing your creative responses! 

6/3/20 Numeracy Homework

This week we have been using bar graphs to present nutritional information about food.  We compared the fat content of school meals with McDonalds meals. 

Your task this week is to revisit these skills and draw your own bar graph about food.  You might compare the sugar content of some food in your kitchen or you might use the internet and compare the salt content in different McDonalds meals.  


The title is up to you, as well as whether you draw a simple or comparative bar chart.

You may find some surprising numerical facts!



7/2/20 Homework-House Captain Speech

House Captain Speech

If you are reading this then it means you have decided to apply for the role of house captain.  Well done, you have taken the first brave step.  You will need to speak in front of the KS2 in Monday’s assembly (10/2/20) and tell them why you would be a good leader for your house.  You will need to prepare your speech this weekend.

Here are some top tips for your speech:


*It only needs to be a minute long-no aids needed apart from notes and a well-behaved mascot

*You are speaking to young and old children so keep it simple…and try to add humour or something they will remember

*When you talk about your leadership skills, tell the children when you have shown these skills in the past

*Smile...and breathe!



24/1/20 Homework-Speech

This week your child has been busy researching, writing and preparing a speech on a topic of their choice.  they have worked incredibly hard and shown themselves to be strong, independent learners-we have also learnt a lot from their interesting variety of topics!

This weekend, please would you spend a little time helping them to practise their speeches so that they can deliver them in front of their class with confidence next week.  Remind them that we will be looking at their speaking, NOT reading skills.  

They have been so diligent preparing for this last week, we wish them the best of can do it year 6! Take a deep breath and smile!

17/1/20 Maths Homework

This week you will need to log into Activelearn and complete the 'Marching Madness' game-can you find 10%, 20% and 50% of numbers? Pob lwc.

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Here is an outline of this term's work:

Creative Homework 13/12/19

This week's creative task is to design a packed lunch for a WW2 evacuee.  Here is a link for you to research the type of food that people would have eaten in the 1940s due to rationing.


How you present your work is up to you.  You could design a menu/write a description/draw a picture to illustrate the contents or simply make yourself a VE Day packed lunch to eat on Tuesday!


We look forward to seeing what delicious treats you come up with-anyone for a carrot on a stick?




6/12/19 Giglets Homework

For homework this week, log on to to find your new reading book and reading test questions.  When you have finished, message your teacher. Happy reading!

Maths Homework 29/11/19

This week your homework challenge is to have a go at the Beat the Bubble game on Active learn.  You will need to enlarge measurements by certain amounts. Get a pencil and paper at the ready!  Pob lwc!


Remember-there is still time to get your Christmas jumper design in before the competition deadline on Monday 2nd December.

Creative Homework 22/11/19

Your task this week is to enter a festive competition.  Jeffrey Ross have organised a competition and are asking primary school children to design a Christmas Jumper.  Attached is a file for each entrant, but your child should have already brought home a copy of the document.  The deadline is the 2nd of December so that they have enough time to get the winning jumper printed and presented on the 13th (which is National Christmas Jumper Day).  Have fun designing!

Christmas Jumper Competition template

Llangrannog Trip Mon 27th-Weds 29th April 2020

Many thanks to those of you who attended the Llangrannog meeting last Thursday. 

Geraint Scott from Urdd came to chat about the exciting activities available at Llangrannog and handed out forms/information for parents-these are attached below.  Please complete these and return to your child's class teacher.

The children have brought home letters outlining how to pay for the trip.  If your child is attending the trip, please would you pay the deposit as soon as possible so we have an idea of numbers.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  It is a fantastic opportunity for the children, and something they remember for a very long time.  Diolch!

Llangrannog Health and Consent forms

Llangrannog Information for Parents

Maths Homework 8/11/19

This week your homework challenge is to have a go at the Bubble Burst game on Active learn.  You will need to match equivalent fractions. Can you match 2 faces to complete the bonus round?  Pob lwc!

Creative Homework 18/10/19

Your task this week is to create a WW2 propaganda poster to persuade wartime parents to temporarily evacuate their children to the countryside for safety during the Blitz.

You will have until after half term to complete the task.  Please remember that homework club (Monday lunchtime) is available should you need a little help/resources.



During WW2, the British government used propaganda to persuade people to help with the wartime effort on the home front.  One way for people to help in WW2 was for parents to temporarily evacuate their children to a safer area such as the countryside.

The following website will give you a bit more detail and some examples of the posters used.


Propaganda Posters

As you can see from the website, the posters were quite distinctive:

A catchy slogan that parents would remember

Sometimes emotional pictures

Balck/white/red colours

Bold fonts

Simple photos/pictures of the reasons for evacuation


Try to use these features in your work.


We look forward to seeing your posters!

Pob lwc!


Creative Homework 27/9/19

As part of our 'Go Green' day on Thursday 3/9/19, we will be raising money for the charity 'Size of Wales'.  We will also be raising awareness of the importance of reducing the use of single-use plastic goods in our school. 

For your homework this week, your challenge is to create something to promote the importance of this initiative.  How you do that is up to you-poster/board or card game/picture/painting/speech.   

*Why should we care about reducing our use of single use plastic? 

*How will you encourage people to do so?

We look forward to seeing/listening to your ideas.

Secondary School Application

Thank you to all those who attended the meeting tonight.  Just a reminder that you need to have applied online for Secondary Schools by 25th November.  A letter was sent home today (20th September) about this process.  The Open Evening date for Llanishen High School is Wednesday 2nd October.  Please contact your class teacher as soon as possible if you do not have the letter. 


Meet the Teacher Year 6

We will hold a 'Meet the Teacher' meeting on Friday 20th September at 1535 in the Junior Hall.  We look forward to seeing you there to meet the year 6 staff; discuss the year ahead and answer any questions you may have.

We will post the meeting's powerpoint on this website for those who can't attend.








Croeso i Blwyddyn 6

Hello and welcome to the year 6 class pages.

Here, we will keep you updated with homework, trips and overviews of the children's learning in year 6.




Year 6 pupils will be given homework on a Friday each week.  We vary the type of homework on a 3 weekly rotation:


Week 2-Creative

Week 3-Numeracy

Week 4-Reading

Week 5-Creative

Week 6-Numeracy

Week 7-Reading



We run a homework club in 6KT/VF on a Monday lunchtime to ensure all children have an opportunity to complete the tasks.


Daily Mile

We will be completing a daily mile so please ensure pupils have sensible shoes that they can run in for this activity.  Please also ensure that your child has a refillable drinks bottle in school too.



PE lessons for our class this year will be on a Tuesday Morning and children are required to bring in their PE kit for this lesson.  They may bring it in and leave it on their peg for the half term if this is easier.




Swimming for our class is in week 5 and 7 this term.

The children will swim daily from 1345-1415 during the week beginning Monday 30th September and 1345-1415 daily during the week beginning Monday 14th October.





'The Home Front'

This term, we will be looking at the home front during WW2.  We will begin by looking at the main events and people of the war and then focus on how the home front managed and supported the military during this time.

The children will hot-seat Sir Winston Churchill and visit his War Rooms in London.

At the end of term, the children will host a VE party.  You are invited to come and celebrate with rationing party food, dancing and more.  Date TBC.


Request for 'Make Do and Mend':

The pupils will make bunting for the VE day party so if anyone has any bits of material or outgrown unwanted clothes we could cut up that would be fantastic.

The pupils will also be making a model of a 1940s style Llanishen village so if you have any boxes they could use please send them into school.


Home School agreement