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High School Allocations - update from Cardiff Admissions

Advice to families

Advice to families can be found on the Council’s website, the link to the specific page is as follows


All with an offer are encouraged to accept and remain on waiting lists of higher preferences. This does NOT reduce the chance of being allocated a higher preference in subsequent rounds if places are released, nor does it undermine appeals.


Parents/Carers have until Monday 18th March to accept any offer made by the Local Authority. After this date any offer not accepted by the deadline will be withdrawn and reallocated. Parents will then need to reapply.


We would like to ask you all to please stress the importance of this to families to ensure they do not lose any offer secured as there is no guarantee they will be able to secure their preference in subsequent rounds.


Advice to families:


Information regarding next steps is available with the offer issued whether by email or via post (depending on the notification preference on their application).


In the event parents ring the Local Authority Admissions number they will go through to the C2C call centre facility. This guarantees an initial front line Welsh speaker response where required and to enable Admissions Officers to provide support to those families that are less able to access/understand the content of the generic information or that need support on a particular individual issue not covered in the guidance online and available to C2C call operators.


For those families that receive no offer, all will be informed as to the steps they need to take and will be advised regarding waiting lists, nominating an alternative preference for consideration in the second round and their right to appeal.


Similarly if families have not received their highest preference school(s) the information regarding their options and advice regarding what to do next will come out with their offer and generic information will also be available on the Council website.


Admissions Officers are already starting the processing of late applications received. For all that have not submitted an application to date; those who missed the deadline or have received no offer the closing date for the second round is Monday 18th March 2018 (this is also the deadline for appeals to be submitted). Information regarding how to apply is available online at and by selecting the Schools and Learning section.