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Coed Glas Primary School

Roots to grow, Wings to fly

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Our Vision, aims and values

Our Vision

Inspiring, nurturing and rewarding; each child’s journey through Coed Glas will be filled with experiences designed to ensure they approach the world as healthy, confident individuals ready to lead fulfilling lives with open eyes and kind hearts. All members of Coed Glas Primary School will work together to ensure wellbeing is at the heart of our school. We are committed to creating a happy and inclusive learning environment where we will support each other to thrive and celebrate successes.

We are a community where all have the right to feel safe and supported. Children will be empowered to fulfil their own potential and to stand up as valued members of the community making a positive difference as ethical, informed citizens.

We will be excellent role models who inspire a love of learning and personal development. Through our teaching, culture and ethos we will promote opportunities for children to become enterprising, creative contributors of the future. Together, we will continually strive for success and persevere when we are challenged.

We will ensure a culture of mutual respect and acceptance developing the skills, values and mindsets to set the children on their path to achieve their dreams as ambitious, capable learners ready to learn, thrive and succeed throughout their lives.



Our Aims

Our aim is to create an outstanding school. We measure only what we value ensuring that our values and vision drive all that we do.

To this end, we have our ‘Big 6’. They very much reflect our model of school improvement and are central to the way we operate. This helps us come to a shared and common understanding of what an outstanding school looks like.

  1. All children want to come to school, are safe, nurtured and enjoy learning;
  2. Learning is real, purposeful and engaging for every child;
  3. Teaching is excellent and all children thrive and progress well;
  4. Our core values are embedded at all levels within a culture of continual improvement;
  5. Wellbeing and mental health are a high priority with all staff and children feeling valued, supported and engaged;
  6. The school makes a real difference to our families, working together within a culture of mutual respect and support.


Our core values – ‘Doing good as we go’

Coed Glas Primary school is a community united in providing all our children with ‘roots to grow and wings to fly.’  We strongly believe that this vision is the driving force each and every day.  We want all our children to develop strong ‘roots’ for learning, behaviour and wellbeing.  We will create opportunities for all of our children to develop their ‘wings’ of resilience, creativity, independence, confidence and an enjoyment of learning.

So that we can fulfil our vision, we have a number of core values that drive all that we do. These serve as our guiding principles that help us navigate and should be nurtured for their own sake. We believe that our values stand the test of time and allow us to stay true to our purpose.


Belonging - We listen and care in a culture of warmth and understanding where everyone is welcome and respected. We value each other’s contributions and show our appreciation readily.


Excellence - We are passionate about transforming the lives of all our children. We refuse to accept anything less than the best for our school and our pupils.


Collaboration - We work and play as a team to inspire, motivate, learn from, support and challenge each another, always seeking to improve.


Innovation - We embrace change for the better through innovation, professional learning, creativity and a collective 'growth mindset'.


Integrity - We act ethically, demonstrating our commitment to fairness, kindness, honesty and treating others well.