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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors' Section

Welcome to our Governors' Section 1

Back row left to right : Mrs Sandra Prole (Clerk), Mrs Mary Esufali, Mrs Lara James, Mrs Nicola Jones, Mrs Cath Dutfiield, Mr Charles Taylor, Mr Mike Bryan, Mr Garry Hunt, Mr David Poole, Mr Rob Willis

Front row left to right : Mr David Newlands, Mrs Meredith Gardiner (Vice Chair), Mrs Alison Williams, Mr James Jackson (Chair)

As part of the successful running of a school the Governing Body provides support, guidance and when necessary constructive criticism. The board is made up of different types of Governor ; parents, Local Education Authority appointed, community, teaching and non-teaching staff and of course the head teacher.


The full governing body meet once per term however regular sub-committee meetings happen in between and it is within these that the nitty gritty of ensuring everything runs smoothly, policies are kept up to date and opportunities to enrich our children’s school experience are examined and developed. The list of committees is long but the key ones are ; Standards, Curriculum & Inclusion, Finance, Staffing, Buildings, Health & Safety and Safeguarding. A variety of governors from the full body are designated members of these sub-committees. We also have a ‘Governors Improvement Group’ which brings together all the chairs of the sub-committees to ensure we, as governors, are keeping up to date with our roles and responsibilities - making us better equipped to support the school.

The current membership of Coed Glas Primary School’s Governing Body is as follows ;



Governor Type


Mr Mike Bryan



Finance (Chair), Staffing, Capability

Mr David Chin





Mrs Cath Dutfield



Safeguarding (Chair)

Mrs Mary Esufali


Non-teaching staff

Curriculum Standards & Inclusion

Mrs Meredith Gardiner




Finance, Curriculum, Standards & Inclusion, Staffing, Capability, Safeguarding

Mr Kevin Hart




Mr Garry Hunt



Finance, Performance Management

Mr James Jackson

Vice Chair



Curriculum Standards & Inclusion (Chair), Safeguarding, Performance Management, Staffing

Mr Kelvin Pritchard




Mrs Nicola Jones



Safeguarding, Performance Management, Buildings/Health and Safety

Mr David Newland



Curriculum Standards and Inclusion

Mr David Poole



Finance, Curriculum Standards & Inclusion, Buildings Health & Safety (Chair)

Mrs Sandra Prole




Mr Charles Taylor



Finance, Curriculum Standards & Inclusion

Mr Anthony Thomas



Buildings Health & Safety, Staffing, Finance

Mrs Eileen Wong




Mr Rob Willis



Curriculum Standards & Inclusion, Buildings Health & Safety, Capability

Mrs Tripti Megeri





And finally, some of the individual governors have specific responsibilities for key areas such as ;


Child Protection         - Mrs Nicola Jones

Additional Learning Needs (ALN) – Mr James Jackson

Health & Safety – Mr D Poole

Governor Training – Mrs E Wong

Attendance – Mrs Cath Dutfield

Equalities - Mrs N Jones

Equalities – Mrs Nicola Jones




Parent Governors


The role of a parent governor is essential to the school. You as parent’s experience the school first hand and can provide valuable insight that can in turn help shape policies and improvements for all. Parent Governors are elected by parents and their term lasts four years.


Our current parent governors are ;

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4