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Year 5/Blwyddyn Pump

Numeracy week 13.03.20 smiley

This week children will need to log on to ActiveLearn and complete the game 'Balloon Pop'. We have been learning to find fractions of numbers this week in Maths, so this game will practice what they have learnt. 


Creative Week!wink


Artists are original.

Using clean recycled materials, we want you to create your own original  piece of art.

It can be 2 or 3 D.

You will need to have an idea or theme for your artwork so think carefully first! 


Remember- be creative and have fun!


Literacy Week/ World Book Day!smiley 28.2.20


Prepare a one minute talk about your favourite book!

You will be sharing why you love the book  and sharing key facts to a partner! 

(Rehearse talking about your book at home.)

Do you have enough to say for a whole minute?

When the bell sounds you're be moving on to talk to someone new!


You need to come dressed as a character or dressed on the theme of your book and ready to talk

on Thursday 5th March!


Don't forget to bring the book with you! smiley


14.2.20 Numeracy and Welsh Week


Use you numeracy skills to solve the money problems.

Try and use a variety of strategies depending on the problem..

You can solve them mentally,using column  method, counting up,grid method, ladder method!!.

Remember to consider your answers -are they reasonable? 

Do the inverse to check!

(Don't forget the decimal point if needed.)


Get ready for the Eisteddfod!

Learn to recite "Mynd i'r Dre" and sing "Sosban Fach"

You will be performing these to the class and if successful- the year group!

Each performance will earn a valuable House point!

The top three performances will go through to the Eisteddfod.

Pob lwc pawb!

                                                                      7.2.20 Creative Weekangel


Create a landscape!

In our trip to the museum, you saw lots of different landscapes to inspire you!

Decide on your landscape -it could be in a rural view in a park or garden or more urban like rooftops.

It could be the view from your window.

You can sketch,paint,use collage or something else.

It's up you, the artist!

Remember to look closely!


Literacy week 24.10.19smiley

Giglets or Comprehension:Pandora's Box

Please complete the reading task set by your class teacher.


Remember to think carefully about what you read and use your understanding to answer the questions.

Always find out the meaning of any new words you read.

17.1.20 Creative Week! smiley


Create a self portrait!

Use any medium and any style! 

Look at yourself carefully - the shape of your face and the features you have.

Decide what mood your art is going to portray.

You might like to research different styles you could try.

Maths week- 10.01.2020 smiley


We hope that all of the children have had a great first week back in school. We have all been very busy starting the new topic of 'Gallery'. For homework this week children will need to log on to ActiveLearn and complete the game 'Robot blaster' which has been set. 

Christmas Holiday Homework

cheekyNumeracy- Christmas survey!

Decide on something you want to research.

It might be to find out which food is the most popular at a party

or which Christmas film is the most watched.


  • You will need at least 5 different choices.
  • Draw a table to record your data.
  • Draw a graph to record your results.
  • Calculate the mean, mode, range and median.

Remember, the more people you ask- the more data you will have!


Literacy - Write a Christmas story!laugh


It's entirely up to you what happens! You can write in the 1st or 3rd person about anything you chose

BUT it must contain a Christmas theme!


  • Plan your story first. It will need a problem and some kind of resolution.
  • I.A.N Punctuated sentences including exclamation marks/question marks if needed.
  • Remember new paragraph when time moves on, new event or place.
  • Use connectives to extend your sentences.
  • Try using 3 ED sentences and 3 A sentences.
  • Include some speech - don't forget to use speech marks. Write what's happening as they speak or what the person is doing or feeling.
  • Remember descriptions are important -your words create the image in the reader's mind.
  • Most of all have fun writing!  yes


Creative week smiley


It's a double creative week!

1. Pughs Garden Centre are running their annual colouring competition. Entries are due in by 25th November -so you'll need to be quick!


2. Jeffrey Ross are running a design a festive jumper competition! The winning entry will be made into a real 

jumper for you to wear! Due in by 2nd December.


Have fun being as creative as you can!

Maths week smiley 08.11.19

Children need to log onto ActiveLearn (school code m96a) and complete the game 'Get the Yeti'.

Literacy weeksmiley 24.10.19

Giglets/ Comprehension

Please complete the reading task set by your class teacher.


Remember to think carefully about what you read and use your understanding to answer the questions.

Always find out the meaning of any new words you read.

Homework 18.10.11

Creative Week

Create a portrait of a Tudor monarch. This can be done in any way you wish-

sketch, collage, sculpture.... be creative!


Also we will be making models of The Mary Rose next week. Any plastic containers, cardboard or foil would be gratefully received to help us complete this task. Thank you!



Homework 11.10.11

Literacy/ Welsh  Week!yes

Have fun reading and learning a Welsh song all about time.

Try to teach at least one member of your family or a friend the song- the more the better! 

If you'd like to, tweet a film of you all singing it! 


Un o’r gloch,

Dau o’r gloch,

Tri o’r gloch-Craig!

Pedwar o’r gloch,

Pump o’r gloch,

Chwech o’r gloch-Craig!

Saith o’r gloch,

Wyth o’r gloch

Naw o’r gloch-Craig!


Dewch i greigio rownd i’r cloc yn awr

Mae’r cloc yn dweud 1, 2, 3,

Dewch i greigio gyda mi.

Dw i’n mynd i greigio rownd i’r cloc yn awr

Creigio, creigio nes y wawr,

Dewch i greigo, dewch i greigo,

Dewch i greigio nawr


Sing it to the tune of "One o'clock,two o'clock,three o'clock rock!"

Welcome to Year 5!


This term our topic is 'OFF WITH HER HEAD' 


Things to remember - 

  • Books are to be brought into school everyday. Children are encouraged to change their own reading books when they have finished. 
  • Check bags and coats for any important letters/information.
  • Encourage your child to read as often as possible and enjoy bedtime stories together.
  • Children can buy their snack during break times for 20p. Alternatively they can bring in their own healthy snack from home. 
  • For PE days please ensure your child has a change of clothes which are appropriate for the weather. These kits can be left in school. Long hair must be tied back and plasters will be needed for any earrings that cannot be removed. 
  • Your child will take part in the Daily Mile so please ensure they wear comfortable shoes to school everyday.
  • We try our best to go outdoors for every break so please ensure that your child has a warm and waterproof coat which is clearly labelled with their name. 
  • Send in a refillable water bottle each day, clearly labelled with your child's name on it.


SCHOOP - we will send important messages via SCHOOP so please download the app and use 5427 as the code. If you are already signed up, don't forget to click onto Year 5.


TWITTER - we will regularly post photos of the children engaged in their learning. Please follow us using @coedglas2021


CLASS DOJO - We will use class dojo to reward children in school.


Look out for more information about homework and other important dates.


Thank you for your support.

The Year 5 team.