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Deaf and Hearing-loss Resource Base (DHRB)


At Coed Glas Primary School, we are proud to host Cardiff County’s Deaf and Hearing-loss Resource Base (DHRB). Our DHRB provides specialist teaching and support for children who have permanent, severe to profound hearing loss or moderate to profound hearing loss with additional language and communication needs. Our DHRB aims to provide an inclusive and language-rich environment where deaf pupils can achieve their full potential. 



  • A team of dedicated Qualified Teachers of the Deaf (QToD) and Specialist Teaching Assistants to deliver a bespoke curriculum and help develop good communication and language skills.
  • Designated and acoustically treated learning spaces where deaf pupils receive individualised teaching in 1:1 and small group sessions from a QToD.
  • An inclusive learning environment where deaf pupils actively engage with their mainstream peers.
  • Opportunities for deaf pupils to participate in all areas of school life including attending trips, school clubs, and becoming members of the school Senedd.
  • Assistive listening devices including Touch Screen radio aids and Sound field systems to help create a good listening environment.  
  • Daily checks of audiological equipment by DHRB staff to ensure that any faults are quickly identified and resolved.
  • Close links with the Cardiff Cochlear Implant Team, Speech and Language Therapists, and Educational Audiologists to maximise outcomes for deaf pupils.
  • Close links with Cardiff Deaf Hub and Deaf role models to help develop the children’s Deaf identity and self-esteem. 
  • Excellent relationships with the staff at Llanishen High School’s HIRB to help prepare pupils for transition to high school.
  • DHRB staff have qualifications in British Sign Language (BSL) and can use Signed Supported English as part of a Total Communication (TC) approach. 
  • DHRB staff deliver weekly BSL sessions to the whole school as part of the new Curriculum for Wales. 
  • Regular collaboration with mainstream teachers to support inclusion through differentiation, reverse inclusion sessions, and whole-school Deaf Awareness training.
  • Excellent communication with parents/carers and opportunities to visit the DHRB for coffee mornings and Deaf awareness assemblies.


Admission to the DHRB is strictly controlled by the Chief Education Officer and is for children:

  • In reception to year 6
  • Who have a Statement of Special Education Needs or an IDP with hearing loss as their main need


Due to many of the children living outside the catchment area, a taxi is provided by the Local Authority. These taxis use the disabled parking bays at the beginning and end of each day – so please ensure that you do not use these bays at any time.