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Nursery Meithrin

Autumn Term & Christmas Learning

As we are approaching the end of the Autumn Term it is apparent that some children may have to isolate and miss some time in Nursery. To help you over this period and the Christmas holidays I have put some ideas together for the childrens' learning linked to resources available on the internet. Some are instruction videos explaining why we adopt certain programmes and the rest are learning activities. The children will be familiar with lots of these so will hopefully enjoy taking part. Please allow the children to do as much or as little as they want - also if they have particular interests let them follow these and build on them.


Sounds / Letters - Jolly Phonics Links


  1. Introduction to Phonics

  1. Phonics for 2/3 Year olds

  1. Activity ideas for Phase 1 Phonics

  1. Jolly Phonics sounds and actions

  1. Jolly Phonics stories – google each letter and find the story
  2. CBeebies – TV show – Alphablocks Introducing all of the sounds in the alphabet



Numeracy Links


Topmarks maths games


1. Counting 1-10

2. Ordering and sequencing games addition

3. Measures

4. Money

5. Shape, Position and Movement

6. Data Handling


Numberblocks TV show – introducing numbers



Physical Challenges


1. Movement videos  (Pink Fong)

2. Movement Videos (Bounce Patrol)

3. ‘I Like to Move it’ – Zumba

4. ‘If your happy and you know it’

5. Tiny Wonders TV programme – Asking questions and finding out

6. Exercise games at home



Creative Links


1. Painting and drawing ideas

2. Making and painting ideas


Welcome to Nursery 2020/21



Meet the team


Teachers: Mr Charles

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Mills, Mrs Namusaka, Mrs Jones-Mathias, Mrs Rees, Mrs Williams



School Uniform


Our Nursery children do not have to wear uniform but it is a great step in preparing them for school, and for understanding the routine of coming to school every day.

We will be making lots of mess in our Nursery activities so uniform is really encouraged. Please try to make the uniform easy for the children to use e.g. velcro rather than laces on their shoes.

Due to the unpredictable British weather, please make sure your child has a coat with them every day, the children will always have the opportunity to learn outside whatever the weather.





Children need to bring in a healthy snack every day. We want to encourage the children to be independent as soon as they start Nursery, please pack your child’s snack in a clearly labelled container. This will allow them to easily identify their snack. For health and safety reasons our water fountains are currently not in use. Therefore your child must bring in a drink in a reusable plastic bottle (please avoid sending in cartons). The children will have access to these bottles throughout the session.





In Nursery, a lot of our learning will take place outdoors. Please send in a pair of welly boots in a bag that your child can keep in school (Please remember to write your child’s name inside them)





1. All of our official communication will be through TheSchoolApp. Please download the app.

2. Class Dojo – we will send an invite to join the Class Dojo – please accept and join in. This is our easiest form of communication and we can send group and individual messages. You can message us directly through Class Dojo if you have any questions or concerns

3. Follow us on Twitter @coedglas2028 - We will regularly update our page with photos of the children and their learning experiences

4. Class page - Please check our class page on the school website



Learning in Nursery


Our theme for this term is ‘Look at Me’. Please see following the skills we are aiming to develop over this first term. 



Home support


 You can help your child at home during their time in Nursery by:

● Reading them a bedtime story

● Follow up on any interests that your child shows after nursery e.g. counting songs, welsh songs

● Encouraging them to put on and take off their coat by themselves

● Labelling all their belongings to help them become independent .



Parental Engagement Events


At the moment we have no upcoming parental engagement plans due to Covid-19. However, when we are able to do so we will be encouraging parents to come in and share our learning.



Parent/Carer Volunteers


At Coed Glas Primary School we really value our parent/carer volunteers. At the moment we are not permitted to allow parents/carers into school. However, when the legislation changes and you have some spare time, we would love your help. Please see Miss Shapley for more information.