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Uniform Information

School Uniform

As a school we pride ourselves on our high standards for all our pupils and the wearing of school uniform is one of the things that we want our children to take pride in, as it contributes to a good attitude to learning, self confidence and uniformity within the school. At the same time we still want our children to be individuals and we achieve this through the curriculum and out of school activities. We hope as parents that you will support our school uniform policy and understand our reasons for reinforcing it.




All Year

Blue or white Polo Shirt

Blue sweatshirt or cardigan

(preferably with school badge)

Grey skirt / trousers

White/blue/grey tights /white

or grey socks


Children are expected to wear sensible, plain, dark or grey footwear only



Blue / white check dress

Grey shorts/Culottes

Appropriate flat sandals (no flip flops)

All Year

Blue or white Polo Shirt

Blue Sweatshirt (preferably with school badge)

Grey trousers

Grey or black socks



Children are expected to wear sensible, plain, dark or grey footwear only



Grey shorts / trousers

Appropriate flat sandals (no flip flops)


What do we wear for P.E?

Plain white or blue t-shirt

Black shorts

Plain jogging bottoms – black or grey

Trainers / plimsolls


Any child not wearing the correct clothing will be provided with spare PE kit.   


How can we order school uniform?

The PTA have listened to parent’s requests and have chosen a local provider, YC Sports who offer online and telephone ordering in addition to over the counter sales.


Our school uniform suppliers are a company called YC Sports.  However, parents are able to buy uniform from any supplier as long as this complies with our policy.


Can my child wear jewellery to school?

On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school other than 1 pair of studded earrings which are to be worn sensibly. We ask children to either remove these objects during PE and games, or cover them, to prevent them from causing injury. No makeup, including nail varnish should be worn, or body tattoos.


What about hairstyles?
Children working at school use a variety of tools/equipment (eg. artistic, technical, PE apparatus). Hair falling over work can be distracting and dangerous. Longer hair should be tied back. This also discourages the spread of head lice. Hair presentation should be sensible with no ‘fashion image’ cuts (e.g. fashion shavings, mohican, razor cuts) and the use of hair gel, wax, hairspray or colorants is NOT permitted.


What about hats?

We will encourage children to wear Sun hats or warm winter headgear where appropriate.  Head coverings (hijab), bands or bobbles for the hair should be plain in colour.


What about Nursery Children?

One of the requests this year has been for our nursery children to wear school uniform so that they can feel part of the school at an early age. We thought that this was a great idea and parents and staff feel that a blue or white polo shirt and a blue school sweatshirt worn with either grey leggings or elasticated jogging bottoms would be suitable. Nursery staff have requested elasticated waists for nursery children for ease of encouraging children to toilet themselves independently.


What footwear should my child wear?

White or coloured trainers or footwear with any kind of logo or coloured markings are not acceptable. Children are expected to wear plain, dark or grey footwear only. Children may wear appropriate flat sandals in the summer term. To encourage independence, children who are unable to tie their own shoe laces should be provided with Velcro fastened shoes.


Medical issues

There may be times where children are unable to wear the school uniform due to a medical condition.  This should be communicated to the Head Teacher who will be able to discuss alternative arrangements.


What happens if my child does not wear full school uniform?

We do understand that there may be exceptional or extenuating circumstances when your child may be unable to wear school uniform on a particular day. If this happens, it is expected that parents will write a simple note to the classroom teacher or headteacher explaining the circumstances.


If a child persistently does not wear the correct school uniform, the governors have agreed to the following action:-


Step 1:       A courtesy letter will be sent out to the parent reminding them of the school uniform policy.

Step 2:       If the courtesy letter is not adhered to, a second letter will be sent out reminding parents again of the reason for complying with the school uniform policy.

Step 3:       If the second reminder letter is not adhered to, a meeting will be arranged with Headteacher to work with the parent to support them in keeping the school uniform policy.

Step 4:       If policy not adhered to a second meeting will be arranged with Headteacher and the Chair of Governors, to work together to resolve the issue.

Step 5:       We will take every step to ensure that any issue regarding this school uniform policy can be resolved. However, if all other measures have been exhausted we will in line with the Welsh Governments Guidance on Exclusion from Schools and Pupil Referral Units, take the following step of possibly excluding your child from school for (paragraph 1.4.1(e));


‘breaches of school uniform rules or rules on appearance (including jewellery and hairstyles) where these are persistent and in open defiance of such rules and where all other avenues for resolving the uniform dispute have been exhausted.’


Help and Support

We are really keen to work with our parents to ensure that our school uniform policy benefits everyone. We hold a selection of good quality secondhand uniform which is free to anyone who would like to browse through our stock.

We can only reinforce that in order for our school uniform policy to be effective and fair we are keen to offer any help and support that we can. Parents experiencing significant financial difficulties are invited to speak with the Headteacher who may be able to provide support.