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National Tests and Personalised Assessments

Personalised Assessment: Learner Feedback

This yearnyour child will have completed their online literacy and numeracy assessments. The purpose of these assessments is to find out children’s strengths and areas for improvement so that their teachers can help them develop their skills.

For these assessments, a ‘Learner feedback’ report is generated for each child. These explain the skills the children have achieved and the next steps in their learning journey. In addition, a ‘Learner Progress’ report is available which highlights a child’s performance and progression over time.

Classroom staff have been analysing the results and using this information to plan the 'next steps' for their classes.
In addition, parents and carers can see their child's "Learner Report' through the Hwb account. This is particularly helpful as the report identifies what your child does well and the next steps in their learning journey. The video below shows how you can see these reports

Information for parents and carers