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Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

During their school careers children may require additional support for areas of their learning.  On occasions, it may be necessary for the teachers to target individual children to offer additional support both in class and in a small group.  If we feel that your child would benefit from skilled intervention, then a special work programme will be devised to cater for individual needs.  You will be kept informed of your child’s progress and, where necessary, we will enlist your help together with assistance from the appropriate outside agencies.


Where a child’s ALN is identified by a class teacher then he/she will discuss the child’s needs with Mrs Thomas (School Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator) and strategies to meet the identified need will be implemented. This will be reviewed on a regular basis.  If the child continues to experience difficulties then the parents/carers, the class teacher and the ALNCO will draw up an individual education programme for the child.  Small group help may be offered in class or on a withdrawal basis following discussion with parents.


If on review it is felt that further help may be needed and, with appropriate consultation with parents, a child may be referred to the pupil support services for specialist advice. Should insufficient progress be made despite the efforts of all concerned then a full assessment of the child’s needs may be recommended subject to parental approval. 



It is the school’s aim to ensure that we employ whatever means as necessary, to ensure that people with disabilities are able to gain admission and access to the school premises and are not treated less favourably than others within the physical limitations of the school building. To this end we have installed a lift and ramps, which provide easy access to all floors within the school.